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Neil Daugherty

The architect of Teneo‘s sports practice on the global sport-business landscape and firm approach; the “professionalization” of the ecosystem; the long, historical view on sportswashing; the inevitable drift to quality programming; and humility as a key ingredient in foreign club ownership

Nina Hachigian

The Special Representative for City and State Diplomacy on the inaugural Cities Summit of the Americas and other seminal State Department initiatives; why the Inflation Reduction Act and Subnational Diplomacy go hand in hand; the recent climate pact between Australia and California; and how North American cities can take center stage during World Cup 2026

Andrew Tuck

The Monocle Editor in Chief and host of Monocle Radio’s The Urbanist sheds light on a “decoupling” within the post-pandemic urban recovery matrix; recounts a conference in Prague that underscores the growing influence of cities in international diplomacy; puts context to soft power and state investment in sport; and speaks to Monocle’s principles as a modern media enterprise

Matthew Swift

The Concordia CEO and co-founder on this moment for relations in the Western Hemisphere, taking a stand on misinformation and trust, a forthcoming immersion in the Amazon, and sport as a crucial pillar of his organization’s approach and proposition

Alison Taylor

The sustainability, business ethics, and organizational psychology expert puts into context this moment in the annals of the business-society compact, sheds light on “disconnects” between ESG and ethics, challenges the convention and convenience of “win-win”, and champions the need, in leadership circles, for a new sobriety and restraint

Ethan Zohn & Dr Tommy Clark

The Grassroot Soccer co-founders on twenty years of social impact work, the nonprofit’s scrappy beginnings and recent foray into mental health, Covid ingenuity and systemic challenges to public health globally

Josh Freed

Third Way’s Senior Vice President for Climate and Energy on the scale of the opportunity in decarbonization, reimagining the “virtuous cycle” of international cooperation, hype versus reality in nuclear and the crystallization of historic U.S. legislation in the run-up to 2024

Vaughan Gething MS

The Welsh Government’s Minister for Economy on the country’s development vision, its special ties to America, the edge in semiconductors and clean tech and the vital importance of maintaining stability and optimism

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